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Lewis and Carroll – Tea and Brunch Place

When I visited Jakarta during my break, I was really looking forward to eat some comfort food and try out new places. Hanging out with one of my friends there, she introduced me to this place called Lewis and Carroll around... Continue Reading →

Me and Airports

(I started writing this while I was at the airport last Thursday night in KL) Recently, I realized that my life has been revolving around airports. I realized lately while I was deleting some email that I've been getting out... Continue Reading →

Hacienda (Senayan)

The first Mexican place in Jakarta that I've tried was Hacienda. It was perfectly situated in my so called turf during those days when... Yeah, good times 🙂 Since I am somewhat near this area, whenever I go out to... Continue Reading →

Bali Food Adventure #1 – Birthday Weekend

Yeah, another Bali weekend escape for me... Birthday weekend escape. Good food, lazy afternoon by the beach and good company - Life is good! So for this time around, I tried not to go to my usual food places and... Continue Reading →

Ramen = Marutama Ramen

I am not a big fan of ramen, I can eat it but it's not like a 100% satisfaction for me whenever I do... Except when I get to dine in Marutama Ramen. It's always a good experience. Good, filling... Continue Reading →

Baconerie TAKE MY MONEY!!

Living in Jakarta or in Indonesia in general, there are only places where pork is "acceptable." With respect to the religion and culture of the place, they observe the halal practice. I am totally okay with it, but of course... Continue Reading →

Let ‘s Go! Curry

I always enjoy Indian food, maybe not all Indian dishes but some of them. They're just so tasty and aromatic - all those spices and herbs! And to tell you honestly, I was not a fan of curry when I... Continue Reading →

Holiday means FOOD and Bali has a lot of good ones!

Ciknik Roast Chicken – My new favorite place!

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