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When you live in a world full of SOCIAL PRESSURE

Nowadays, the standard of life is pretty consuming for patience or at least for my patience. Life seems to revolve so much on what is socially acceptable and what is not, what is "the in thing" based on social media... Continue Reading →

Taking a break from city life

Born and raised in Manila, had an impulsive feeling to leave and work abroad, lived in Jakarta for 3 years, 28 years of city life and I think I need a break. Earlier this year I had an unexpected offer... Continue Reading →

The Expat Life – In my point of view

Ah the expat life.. Sounds so limiting and annoying for me extravagant to some people. To some people they think that expats are living the dream, making tons of money and having the best time of their life. Well, let... Continue Reading →

The struggle err… adjustment, I mean

Friend:¬†Hey! I saw you post some photos.. So did you finally bring your camera to Indonesia?" Me: Nope. I actually bought a new one.... Friend: Oh wow! That's cool! What did you get? Still Nikon? Me: Uhh.. I bought Sony,... Continue Reading →

So I guess I’m back to clicking!

After leaving Philippines I also left my hobby for picture taking....until lately when I finally decided to buy another camera (after 2 years of convincing myself that I should buy a new one.) But this time I'm not using a... Continue Reading →

OFW Series: You make it look so easy Ysa

I was talking to a friend from way back last time. Catching up on things, people we know, life and stuff. Since I am no longer in town I seem to miss a lot on people I know and knew.... Continue Reading →

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