I’ve learned about Pin Up Treats from one of my vegetarian friends. He shared to me their Instagram page and I started browsing to see what’s in store. Every time they post photos of their cakes or cookies it makes me want to try it out especially since I know it’s made up of organic ingredients and some of their cakes and cookies are vegetarian friendly, it really makes me interested to try… So I finally placed an order: vegan chocolate chip cookies.

They do gojek delivery around Jakarta. You can easily contact them on Instagram for inquiries and order, pay through bank transfer and next thing you know (the following day) your order is ready for delivery and off to your house! (Thank you for the smooth service and coordinating the delivery. Even if there was a bit of glitch, you followed it up promptly. Good service and good food – perfect combination!)

One order of cookies consist of 12 pieces good sized awesomeness and would last for 4-5 days provided that you keep it in an air tight container.

Now how was it? I do love a good tasty cookies. This one is not as tasty like the usual cookies you buy BECAUSE they use organic and quality ingredients. Do I like it?! YES, VERY MUCH. Why? As much as I am used to eating tasty cookies (even if it came from really good bake shops) I really appreciate vegan options. It may not be as tasty BUT the products being used are quality – so I can actually enjoy real food instead of junk. After all, quality food does not equate to how “tasty” the food is. You can easily tell when you eat something with so much preservatives.

The cookies I ordered was superb (and I already have my eye on the next order I want to make). It has real chocolate chip inside that doesn’t taste like 100% sugar. It’s tasty in the sense that it taste like real food (because it is) and not the usual super commercialised kind of junk food tasting treat. I find this a good break from the usual store bought sweets. (I hope there’s more of these kind of places around Jakarta.)

So if you are looking for a good vegetarian/eggless/glutten free/keto friendly cakes or cookies around Jakarta for your next tea party or birthday (or any occasion),  try searching for Pin Up Treats on Instagram. Who say’s you can’t enjoy healthy cake and cookies? They probably haven’t tried Pin Up Treats yet!