IMG_6110Discovered this relatively new place called Bang Inihaw along Benhil in central Jakarta. Now, if you are from Philippines then you will definitely recognise the concept of this place because it is very similar to Mang Inasal.

The owner of this place lived in the Philippines for a while and decided to bring the concept of Mang Inasal to Indonesia. He called the place Bang Inihaw: Bang = Indonesian term for Mang or Mama which means an older guy and Inihaw = a Filipino word that means grilled.

The menu is relatively the same, although they added some Indonesian food as well on the selection. They also do unlimited rice – that’s my memory of Mang Inasa, unlimited rice! So here, you can get unlimited rice and iced tea! They do not have the chicken oil but hey, it’s still great! The taste is almost the same as Mang Inasal with a twist of Indonesian spices. They are also serving halo-halo or as they call it hola-hola! (Haven’t tried this one yet). So for a very reasonable price of 25000 rupiah ($1.66) for one meal, you get the experience of chicken inasal in Jakarta!

It was a well worth visit for us. For someone who is living away from home, Bang Inihaw brings a close to home feeling with the food. Will definitely go here again and again and again!