I rarely go to Puri Indah Mall, but whenever I am there one of the places I like to visit for food is Blacklisted. Been here a couple of times and I find the place cozy and a nice place to hangout with friends.

I like their truffle fries (because I rarely have that here) even if it doesn’t have so much parmesan cheese on it. I can taste the truffle oil on the fries – PERFECT! Also tried their sop buntut and the spicy pasta with beef ham and asparagus.

The food is not super duper superb but good enough in my opinion. I guess this place is popular around the area because on some occasions I was here it was packed and crowded.

I would recommend the pasta on the photo (sorry, I forgot the name) if you are into spicy and savoury at the same time. I love how the taste and spiciness does not compete so I can actually appreciate the food. The creamy chicken rice can be a hit and miss experience. I had twice and the second time was not as remarkable as the first time. The second time I tried this dish, it was not as tasty and there seem to be something lacking.

So if you are around Puri Indah Mall, you might want to drop by at Blacklisted for some good treat! (hint: truffle fries)