A couple of weeks ago my friend and I decided to visit Macan Musem to see Yayoi Kusama’s art exhibit. I personally ha mixed emotions about the experience, BUT let’s talk about the art exhibit first. šŸ™‚

As I am not super familiar with artists, Yayoi Kasuma was a bit popular in Jakarta lately (they also did an exhibit of her work in Singapore) this was a good opportunity for me to be cultured with arts (I have always wanted to visit museums – never too late to educate yourself.) It was interesting to see how she used dots to represent what she sees around her – interesting and actually a little intriguing for me. It got me thinking at some point after I read about a short background/explanation on why she uses mainly dots. There was also a room where there were some photos of her with friends doing art installation. I remember a horse with big circles/dots on its body – expression and ideas are always nice to see. There was also a room where you can stick colourful circle stickers in different size, a room that seems to be an endless reflection of you with dots and another room that feels like a sea of stars. It makes me wonder what she was thinking when she was coming up with these art works and installation.

I had a great time looking at the exhibit.

However, the museum goers and the people assisting at the museum kind of puts me off during the visit. It was pretty annoying to see that most people who went there were too busy to just take pictures and not really look at the art displays. I understand you need a “new profile picture” but seriously, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have a “nice photo.” There were long cue for the main rooms and lining up seemed to be a hard thing to understand. People trying to cut the line so they can go first, or creating their own line… I don’t really understand since everyone will have their turn.

I also observed that the people working there were a little rude. I guess because the place is busy, it makes them tired easily and the fact that they have to say things over and over to remind everyone what to do. However, I find all of them a little rude. There were rooms where they give 15-20 seconds per group to make sure that everyone gets their turn. I kid you not, there were 3 areas where there was a time limit and all those areas were being guarded by snarky museum crew – not really inviting and polite. One even shouted at us because if we need to print out the tickets we bought online because the online ticket counter was closed. We were just asking for assistance on what to do and she shouted at us saying why we don’t know…. If we knew we wouldn’t be asking. Sorry to bother you.


I hope next time it will be a better experience and I will not mind the people more.