I am prepared to get questioned and hated with this post. BUT I don’t really care.

I will specifically point this out to my fellow Filipinos:

The question “Kumusta ka?” is not followed by or synonymous to “Uy! Tumaba/pumayat ka ah!” or “may boyfriend/girlfriend ka na?”

As far as I know, when you ask the person how they are doing, you don’t really have to follow it up with comments whether they lost/gained weight or if they are in a relationship. I think it’s very intrusive and not really showing any genuine concern over the well being of the person you are trying to talk to.

Whenever someone would send me a random message and ask me how am I doing (especially if I haven’t talked to that person in a very long time) I would usually say I am doing great – which I really am. It would only take a few exchange before they tell me I lost a lot of weight or ask the question “kamusta love life? (how’s your love life). And as soon as you give an answer they will stop talking to you. Like as if they only important thing in the world is to lose/gain weight and to find “love life.”

First of all, I don’t really understand why you have to know about it or why you even bother asking. Sometimes I feel like the person is just being too kepo (a term in Indonesia which means chismoso in Filipino). “Love life” is not the beginning and end of a person’s life. Leave it alone and mind your own business.

I also don’t understand why when you haven’t seen someone for a long time, the first thing you have to say is “tumaba/pumayat ka.” Like seriously, WHY?! I know Filipinos are very particular with physical appearance – that we have to look nice all the time. BUT do we really have to point it out?! The fact that we are all very particular of how we SHOULD look affects the self esteem so much. What if that person happens to be sick or is under a great deal of pressure that’s why they gained/lose weight?! Shouldn’t we be more sensitive and not give comments about that?

I get this a lot and I get really exasperated hearing it to the point that my response becomes a little bit rude, sarcastic or annoying – AND YES I AM DOING IT ON PURPOSE, SORRY NOT SORRY HERE.

How about try to not talk to the person if you’re not really interested or have nothing better to say? Life would be a lot better I think.