Because I have been meaning to try juice cleanse BUT I don’t have blender… I decided to browse on Instagram for cold pressed juice store and I found Frablejuice.

It was very easy doing transaction with them – fast and efficient.

Since I am not sure on what to order, I just had Eye Love You and the Red-y Set Go. Both were good and actually sweet – must be the natural sugar from the fruits they blended together. I also like that it was smooth to drink. I remember trying cold pressed juice before from a different store and it was.. Well it’s not as good as Frablejuice. You must consume within 48 hours otherwise, it will turn bad. According to their label, they didn’t use any preservatives or sugar and it’s all natural. I can’t really tell how true is that. I can  however say that the taste is quality and freshness was evident.

Tried their juice for the whole day – cold pressed juice in replacement of meals and water for the whole day and I must say it went really well. Body managed to survive the whole day with just the cold pressed juice. Maybe I can do this more often.

So if you are thinking of cold pressed juice being delivered to your doorstep in Jakarta, then you can try out Frabeljuice, look them up on Instagram for the complete list of juice selection. They currently have 10% promo – buy 3 for 100idr only! Avail now and drink healthy!