Last Friday, a friend and I decided to meet up for lunch here at Toodz House. Heard about this place but it always puts me off to try it out because going here can be very energy draining because of traffic. BUT then again, it was holiday last Friday so let’s go south and try this out!

The place was on the main road so it was easy to find. However, if you are bringing a car it might be hard for you to find a parking space because the road is small and this place can be crowded.

Went inside and it immediately gave me a comfy vibe. Like I’m in my house and we have guests so it’s pretty crowded. BUT even if that was the case I was surprised that the place was mellow and okay. Felt like in every corner or anywhere you sit you will have your privacy – PLUS POINTS!

Ordered mushroom dabu-dabu with breaded chicken. It was savory and aromatic and spicy too! Although this one I must say was great because even if it was spicy, it blended well with the overall taste of the food – decent taste and quality, lunch was great! I went crazy over their peach tea because it has slices of real peach in it! LOVE PEACHES!! So I would definitely order this again on my next visit. Food quality, serving and price was reasonable. Happy tummy after lunch!

The only off thing I can say was the use of plastic straw. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s important sometimes so I understand why they have it but I would prefer if the straw was not immediately served inside our drinks. I for one avoid the use of straw whenever possible, not just because it adds so much to plastic waste (and I’m not trying to be hip because it has been a thing lately to use metal or bamboo straws) but I just don’t really use straws that much. When our drinks arrived the straws were already inside our drinks. So even if I opt to not use it the fact that it touched the tea already then they will consider it used and to be thrown away after they clean up the table. Maybe next time, just leave the straws in one container and let your guests take it from there.

Regardless of that, the overall food experience was great. Worth traveling to South Jakarta (for someone who lives a bit west) especially on a holiday.