I am really very particular when it comes to a restaurant/fast food sanitation. But I am more particular when it comes to how the staff attend to complains and/or suggestions. After all, when you are in this kind of business where you serve people you really have to take note or make sure that your customers are satisfied.

A couple of weeks ago, we had dinner at Mama’s German Restaurant in St. Moritz Puri. It’s my first to try out this branch but been to their place in Serpong a couple of times so I was pretty confident that I will have a worth while dinner here.

Food was great! Bacon and cheese plus tasty beef patty – good burger cravings satisfied! Serving was even generous and I ended up getting really full. Good food plus live streaming of world cup. All was great EXCEPT for this one thing that really bothered us so much….


As we were seated at bar we saw some small cockroach walking around from time to time. It was timing that someone (I think she’s the manager) approached us and asked us how was our meal. We told her immediately about the cockroaches and she apologised. While she was explaining to us their building concerns some more came crawling out. She immediately went behind the counter and tried to wipe them away. We were immediately transferred to another table while they try to clean up the area. Luckily, the crawlies didn’t touch our food – yeah, well we’ll never know now but I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt.




As soon as she was done cleaning up and talking to the other staff she came to our table and apologised once more. To make up for what happened, she gave us some ice cream.

I really appreciate that she took action and made sure to assist us. Thank you for the good customer service and I hope your building problem gets settled. Because that’s not something any customer would want to see on their food or near their food.