Well prepared food is always good but sometimes that’s the last thing you can expect when you eat out….EXCEPT when you dine at MAM.

My personal favorite is their rawit rumble. It’s chicken with rawit sambal side with fried tofu, zucchini and red rice (you can actually change it to brown rice or white). The serving is pretty generous too! The chicken was not dry even if it was fried then topped with the rawit sambal that was soooo amazing! I also tried their burgers (both beef and chicken) and they’re both great too. What I like mostly is that their food is prepared well. It doesn’t feel so much like I am eating out – you know the feeling you get when you eat at fast food? Yeah, this one is not necessarily a fast food tho but still, they they take time actually cook the food well – like healthy way.

So if you are around Senayan City and is looking for some quick fix – good quick fix then better check MAM out. Good burgers and rice bowl.