A friend of mine recommended Putu Made because she knows I like/love samabal matah and reasonable kind of spicy. So one afternoon, when we were in Senayan City we decided to have lunch here.

Upon checking the menu, I was pretty confident that this place will be good all because they serve Balinese food. One of the reasons why I love going to Bali (and go there often even just for a short trip) is because of their food. I like/love both local and foreign cuisines in Bali because they prepare the food very well. Plus I actually like Balinese food – maybe not all but I like some.

We ordered the sate plater and one grilled squid. We were given different kinds of sambal and they were all awesome! I can eat spicy food so long as the chilli doesn’t burn my taste buds. I like to be able to taste the food and the chilli at the same time. Which makes Balinese food really appealing for me. The sate platter is a mix of chicken and beef sate which are all delicious too (although I am really more of a chicken sate fan) especially the sate lilit. It was really tasty with a twist of spiciness – IT WAS PERFECT! The only down part for me was the grilled squid I guess. It taste good but I was surprised that it was literally thin. Like fillet but sliced twice?! (lol) But in general, it was a good lunch experience. This is awesome plus we really appreciate their good customer service.

For me, it’s a good Balinese restaurant and worth going back to especially for their sambal! Thank you Putu Made for your awesome food.. and sambal! šŸ˜‰