Heard about this place before but took me forever to try it out.. My expectation was a bit high and it turns out to be a bit of a meh..

I finally managed to try this place out last time. I usually try something different from the “best seller” to see if they try to maintain quality for all the food they serve. So this time I ordered their garlic rice with creamy chicken and mushroom – yep, not steak. I was thinking “next time will be for the steak.”

The place looks a bit posh and neat. Browsing the menu, I was expecting a bit much (probably because it took me forever to finally try this place out so my expectations were a bit high) with the food quality and I ended up a bit so-so. The chicken bits weren’t so tender and for some reasons the garlic rice doesn’t seem to complement the creamy sauce of the chicken.

Hopefully I get to try this place again when I am in the mood and while I live in walking distance.