Living in Indonesia, pork is not really a common sight on the menu. Supermarkets sell pork (but only the foreigner friendly ones) and in some selected pasar. If you manage to find a restaurant that serves pork then expect that it will be pricey because yeah, it’s pork.

Recently, I came back to this food court a long Arteri Permata Hijau (called PHX) because a friend of mine said there’s a stall there that sells pork. It has changed a whole lot from the last time I was here – more food places to try and they all seem really good.

HogHock was the place my told me about. First impression? It was a little bit challenging to understand what was written on the menu because it was in bahasa BUT that didn’t really stop me.(Yes I still struggle with the language. I still need help from time to time.) I ordered pork knuckle and the waiting game begins. Because pork is not really 100% recommended in this country, I was actually surprised that it only caused 45.000 ($3) for the meal.

Ordere was delivered and we were ready to eat. It came in a big container with a hearty amount of serving. The shredded pork was on top of the rice with some krupuk (pig skin) and sambal hijau on the side! Feels like home cooked food! Worth it $3 dinner I say.

Thoughts about the food? It reminded me of a dish back in Philippines and I loved it! Not just because it’s pork and I rarely eat pork here but because it was tasty and the shredded pork was tender plus good amount of serving too! Although I wasn’t as sold when I tried their pork satay. I find it a bit sweet so I’ll pass on that.

Thank God they opened up a branch here in Permata Hijau! (Check their other branches here for your reference) OR you can order via GoFood for a more convenient experience.

So when you are in the mood for some pork, check out HogHock – it’s porkin’ delicious!