Yesterday, one of my friends asked me if I will post a summary of 2017 in my blog. At first I said probably not because everybody seems to be doing that so I kind of lost my interest doing it (a.k.a. LAZY). Plus I try my best to post here from time to time, it should be enough I guess.

Well…. I guess I will do it somehow…. But I won’t be writing so much about my 2017 in this post.

2017 happened so fast for me. So fast I can’t actually believe that today is the first day of a new year. Even though it was fast, there were a whole lot of things that happened which tested my patience, my maturity and my decision making. It felt like I was living the best and the worst time of my life – at the same time! Did I learn anything useful!? More than I ever deserve. Let’s just say that 2017 taught me to make better decisions and that real happiness is something that you feel naturally when you are at peace.

Today is the first day of the new year. So what will it be? Day one or one day? Time to write your story. Make it colourful and interesting!