One of the things I highly appreciate when I am in Jakarta is the long list of food partners of Gofood. (Yes, that’s what happens when you are lazy to cook to and delivery service is made easier because you only need an app for that.) I discovered Eatlah through GoFood last time. The menu was very attractive because they serve salted egg chicken – as I am going crazy for salted egg infused food for a couple of months now, I figured okay let’s try this one out!

The rice box is about 40idr, which is relatively cheap when you are in Jakarta but of course don’t expect it to be super good. Just wait and see and that’s what I did.

Since this is under budget meal, I was expecting it to come in a small package. True enough it did but the content was enough for me. The chicken bites were covered in salted egg sauce and fried egg. It was a bit spicy – added up to the taste, which made it even better. It made me feel full at some point because it was creamy but I managed to finish it anyway.

Overall it was a good risk. Will definitely try their salted chips and dory on my next order. Taste and portion was good for the price.

Thanks to GoFood – easier life especially for food!