One of the things you have to deal with when your usual hangout place is around Senggigi is the limited option for food. Since we have been living around the area for a few months now, whenever we want to “eat out” our main dilemma is the lack of choices. So one night we were walking around, trying to decide while browsing menus we came across Angel’s café. We were in the mood for some Mexican dish so we went in and tried our luck.

We’ve passed by this place so many times but we usually just “pass by it” because most of the time it looks empty and dull. The place looks a bit dark inside so in terms of attracting our interest to go fails most of the time.

Living here, I learned not to expect so much for food taste. Not because it’s mostly bad – it’s just very limited and that’s all they can do. So appreciate what is there otherwise….. go make your own. Despite that, it’s still a nice experience living here in Lombok and enjoying the food – especially some local cooking that I barely try whenever in Jakarta.

We actually enjoyed our meal. I ordered the burrito plate. It was well prepared and also filling – worth going back to to try other choices (they have thai food on the menu so that’s next on my list to order on my next visit) and enjoying the quiet ambiance of the place! And I actually appreciate the fact that this place is quiet and not as busy. You can sit and relax and actually hear your friends when you talk to each other because there’s no beaming music.