Since I have a thing for breakfast I always appreciate places that serves good breakfast food. By good I mean not super oily or with so much preservatives that will make you feel sick after, or just something half assed prepared food.

Whenever I am in Gili Trawangan, Kayu Café is on my list of places to eat. (Also because most places here in Gili T serves trashy tasting food. Rarely did I find a good place here to eat. Usually they are just good for one thing then the rest are meehhh kind of food.) They have good selection especially if you want something natural and freshly made bread then this is the place for you.

I ordered their bacon bowl (yes, because you know..bacon is love) and some smoothies. It was filled with cherry tomatoes, potato, eggplant and some herbs with egg on top. Proper/decent/well prepared (natural flavorings) food around Gili T – what more can I ask for! It’s always a good breakfast experience whenever I go here.