I’ve been meaning to try The Cowshed since the first time I visited Lombok and only last


weeked that i was able to do it – 4 months of “trying.” I regret that I did not try the steak but their burger was amazing! The awesome beefy taste made my dinner a good experience. Potato wedges was great and tasted like a proper one. The burger might not be that big but the taste was well worth it – you can feel the beef patty and you can really taste it well.

I also love the vibe of the place. Really felt like I was in a cowboy kind of bar. Plus their staff were really friendly and helpful.

They have pub quiz every Thursday.. Which I think is worth going to so I just might do that. Plus I also want to go back and try their steak selection.. So wait for more my next post about it! 🙂

Another interesting point that I noticed about this place was the poster I saw when I went to the washroom. It was about “There are ways to go home” which pertains probably when you end up having a good time there and get super drunk. First, you can order a taxi and leave your motorbike or car and just pick it up the following day when you recovered. Second, you can ask the staff to drive you. Hop in your bike at the back and let the staff drive so you’ll get home safe. Last, you can take a taxi, leave your motorbike at The Cowshed and they will deliver it to your house the following day – no need to get out of bed and drag yourself back to pick up your bike. Personally I find that add really great. Not that I plan on getting really drunk but knowing that they are willing to do that to their customers is a big relief. (When we arrived, we were entertained by one of the staff. Her immediate question was “Where do you live?” – after reading that poster her question made sense to me.)

Excited for my next visit – steak time! (Their San Miguel Light is only 30.000 idr… ANOTHER reason for me to go back!)