I am slowly exploring the eating options and places to hangout in Lombok, mostly in Senggigi.. Yeah, I’ve been living here for more than 2 months now and I am not doing a good job going out often or as often as I could (I actually do, but I normally go to my usual place that’s why I haven’t explored so much yet.) As I was asking around which is the best place to hangout with good music and usually a lively place, almost everyone I asked told me to head to Happy Cafe so I decided to head there one time for dinner and to check it out as well.

Whenever I get to pass by here at night before, this place is always packed and busy – gives me an idea that it is actually nice. When we arrive there it was still a bit early and there were still empty places for us to sit. Browsed the menu and they have enough selection for some Indonesian and Western food. (Just a head’s up, since Senggigi is the “touristy place” in the area you should expect the prices to be a bit high but not like Jakarta kind of high.) Also browsed their alcohol selection and I saw a beer I like, so yeah I can hangout here! lol!

Ordered chicken steak and beers. I wasn’t expecting so much since I was more excited to actually watch the live band performance. The chicken was a bit dry but it was still okay. The portion was not as big as I was hoping for as well. Although it was tasty enough, maybe if they add a bit more chips and veggies for the side it would be better.

The live band started a bit late, like around 9pm I think. And during that time it was already full and the place was already busy. The waiters were all alert and pay attention to customers – I really like that! (I’ve noticed in most places I’ve been to here, they seem to turn their back on the customers so they won’t see. Or they are not attentive enough and focus on chatting rather than attending to customers.) So from time to time they would ask us if we need anything or if we are feeling comfortable.

Overall, the experience was good and will come back here for sure. I like the live band (maybe I can perform with them too lol!) and the service. Will try other things on the menu next time.