I know sometimes education is not easy to attain but education does not only mean going to school to learn. There are so many ways for a person to educate the mind and know the world more – seeing the world in a bigger picture and outside the box. And I personally believe that it should first come from home, regardless of whatever kind it is.

One weekend my friend and I decided to drive up a bit north to have  relaxing afternoon by the beach. Since it was the weekend, it was a bit crowded but it didn’t stop us from our plan to relax. We managed to find a spot and enjoy the nature… until we got some distractions eventually.

There were some families and group of teenagers enjoying the beach. I spotted 3 other foreigners – one of the reasons why I liked this beach is that it is not that popular for tourist. As usual, people were staring at us while we were walking around. Some were saying hello and we happily responded to them.

When we were enjoying getting soaked a group of teenagers went swimming near us. Eventually they started talking to us. The usual questions for starters: Where are you from? Where do you stay here? How old are you? – as I am used to answering these kind of questions, it didn’t bother me anymore. Until they started to ask other things…

B: Are you married?

Me: Nope.

B: Why? So that means you are still a virgin?

Me: I’m sorry?!

B: Do you give free sex to your house? How often do you have sex?

Me: …….

B: You have nice ass. Do you use it when you have sex? Do you like big dicks? 

I was surprised with the questions and I wasn’t answering anymore. I couldn’t help but get annoyed as well but they don’t seem to actually care about it. Take note, these questions are coming from teenage boys that is about 14-17 years of age. We ended up getting out of the water and walking away.

I am trying to understand why these questions seems to be “normal” for them to ask especially to a stranger/foreigner. As I was ranting and venting how annoyed I am discussing this to a friend of mine about what happened, he reminded me that culture and education plays a big role and I have to extend my patience as much as I can – trust me, I’ve been extending my patience so much since I got here.

It makes me wonder what kind of information do they get about people from other countries. Since Lombok is an island is still developing, I don’t want to assume that education is limited here. Although for some reasons it might be the case. But then again, there are so many ways on how you educate yourself. And from what I see, Lombok is not secluded. There’s so many tourist coming in and out of here so it’s a common sight for them. I did mention that I don’t think it’s polite to ask those questions but they just continued anyway and didn’t really bother if they were crossing the line. Curiosity does make you forget to be mindful sometimes.