Lombok may not be well supplied when it comes to night life but there are some few finds that are always interesting.

Last time we went to Puri Mas for dinner and some ballroom night. Dinner was okay, not really a big fan of their food – it’s good but I think it can be better. I tried their chicken fillet and ravioli,  I find it a bit dry.

Anyhow, we came in Monday to see the Latin dance night. It was nice to know that this place is sponsoring children for scholarship and some were being trained to compete internationally for ballroom dancing. Even the staff does regular ballroom dancing training!

As the show started there were some children performing and they were all too amazing! Later on that night everyone was invited to come and dance. There were free basic dance lessons given, tips and tricks. Worth going back to! Every Monday they have Latin Dance night and Thursdays for some cultural show. So if you are keen for some dancing, better head to Puri Mas.