I have stayed in several budget hotels but I still get good service….until my recent trip to Kuala Lumpur.

Hotel 99 (Jalan Pudu)

This by far is the worst service I encountered. We arrived late and tired in KL. When we arrived at the hotel, the front desk was busy but we were attended immediately. We headed immediately to our rooms so we can get some sleep and call it a night. My key card wasn’t working so I went down and told the receptionist it wasn’t working. He didn’t even bother looking at me and just keep trying. So I went back up and tried it several times but still no luck. Went down again and told the receptionist. I asked if he can check again if the key is working or if he has a master key to help me out. Then all of a sudden he said “What?! You want to complain?! Maybe you want to sleep outside instead.” I was so surprised as I was asking politely and he suddenly gave me that kind of attitude. He eventually accompanied me bringing his master key only to find out that the room he gave me is already occupied. The guests woke up and was surprised and so was I. The receptionist told me to wait at the lobby, didn’t say anything, gave me a new card and just left. What a service people! WHAT A SERVICE!

V’La Grand Hotel

After our bad experience with the previous hotel, this on is our saving grace. We arrived in the afternoon, allowed us to check in before 2pm and even upgraded our room to a better one without extra pay or us even asking for it. The reception guy was so helpful and kind. Always made sure whatever we need is being taken care of. Even let us avail our free breakfast even if it was past the schedule already.