My coworker and I had a sudden trip to Kuala Lumpur last time and stayed there for one week. We stayed in the middle of the city along Bukit Bintang where all the city happenings are going on. But at some point, we were not as motivated as we hoped for to go around and explore the city. We went around a little bit but just in some close by places.

Our unplanned holiday was sort of okay but more of unfortunate events took place – but never the less we enjoyed the experience and will still come back for more KL experience (and hopefully we can explore outside the city too!) Especially when it comes to dealing with taxi drivers. Most of the time they were trying to rip us off and it was crazy. We were warned by two taxi drivers to avoid taking a taxi from Indians because they try to cheat and ask more money from us. Sounds really mean/bad but I guess it’s a common thing there to happen. Heads up were appreciated but we kept on trying our luck – giving them all the benefit of the doubt plus it was not polite to ask first if they’re Indians, right?!

We were not as motivated as we hoped for so we ended up staying mostly in our hotel room sleeping. We had a routine: Sleep until 10 am – catch hotel breakfast till 10:30 – go buy yogurt –  back to hotel – sleep till 3pm – get out for lunch – back to hotel again – take a short nap – out for dinner and walks – back to hotel. That was mostly our day to day schedule and we were totally fine with it. I don’t know with my friend, but I started missing Lombok immediately. I started missing seeing greens and low buildings. KL reminded me of Jakarta – only better version. The malls were all the same, everything felt the same. City life was not yet being missed by my system. City holiday was too soon for me or probably too long for me.

We managed to go to their eco system area in the middle of the city – ahh very nice change of scene. We went to butterfly garden, orchid garden and then the lake. It was so relaxing. Not hearing the bustling sound of the city – perfect!

One night, we managed to muster up some energy and went to see Petronas towers. I was excited because it was part of my lessons before as a third grade teacher. Like a geek, I started talking about the informations I still remember to my friend. That was probably the best night of our trip for me.

Surely it could have been a better experience. But it’s not that bad as well. We just didn’t expect some things. Anyway, I’ll be talking about it in my other post.