As I’ve mentioned before, Indian food is on my list of food I love to eat (maybe not every single day but every once in a while would be great!) so whenever I find a good place for it, it is always a delight! Like this place called Queen’s Tandoor near Grand Indonesia.

My friend brought me to this place one time for dinner (he learned this place from his Indian friend) and he said it’s a good place. We ordered quite a lot and we realized that eventually when it was delivered to our table. I don’t know with him but it’s never easy to decide what to order when you see a lot of good things in the menu but you know you can’t eat all of it so you have to choose the “best” one for that moment.

I ordered vegetarian biryani rice so I can force him to help me out eventually because he’s vegetarian and chicken kebab with cheese – I can die happy after eating the kebab!!! It was aromatic, tender and very tasty. Especially the cheese they used… It was perfect. Every bite brings out the very rich flavor. How can you not be happy with that?! I forgot what my friend ordered but it was also good – with nan or rice it went perfectly good.

The serving is in generous amount and could be good for two depending on your appetite but for me, it was more than enough. The biryani rice was served in a pot covered with a very thin layer of bread – very impressive! Everything was great and gave us happy tummy afterwards. As for the food price, it equates to the quality and serving amount so it was all worth what we paid for! Good place with awesome food!

P.S. I really like the appetizer dip they serve. The one that looks like a pesto sauce but tastes was better than pesto (pesto sauce is also amazing, please don’t hate me. I love it too). I’ve been told that it’s a staple “dip” they have in all Indian restaurants so I look forward to more of those every time I will dine in an Indian restaurant!

*Sorry no photo to show because it’s in my other phone… that is already broken.