I’ve never really tried soto ayam aside from our school snack before so I have no other preference of how good it should be but the one being served in my previous school was amazing for me.

I’ve been telling my coworkers that I want to eat soto ayam and they suggested a place in Senggigi art market but I seem to be forgetting that. So one time after buying some grocery stuff in Senggigi we passed by this place called that serves soto ayam and bakso. The place looked interesting so we decided stop by and give it a try.

The places is called Warung Lalapan Si Pitung and it’s along Senggigi. The place looks pretty neat with the set up. My cravings was well satisfied after eating here. Not too oily, tasty and delicious! For almost $1 it was a happy after work afternoon for me. Now I have a place for soto ayam when I am craving for it.