During the weekend, one good friend of mine from Jakarta paid a visit here in Lombok. He brought me to this place called Hotel Tugu, a 50 minutes drive from my place (Sandik) up north. We had lunch there and stayed the whole afternoon going around and being lazy by the beach.

IMG_9941I fell in love with this place the moment we started walking around while waiting for our food. The beach shore was so calm – white sand, almost flat clear water on a sunny afternoon that was just perfect for some sun bathing. Everything about this place was just amazing.

I ordered guacamole and beef wrap and a fresh melon shake – PERFECT for the afternoon, perfect for the place. The beef was tender and tasty, veggies were fresh and crunchy and the wrap they used was fresh. Food was delicious plus you get to enjoy the amazing view. I’d say all was really perfect during that visit.

While we were walking around the place, there were stone tablets in some areas where you can read a short history of Lombok – mainly about Chinese rules and laws that I find a bit amusing to some point. Then we went to this room that looked like an old Chinese café and I read the history of Hotel Tugu, the meaning of the word and how it was designed. According to the article, it’s a place for love and I must say that they managed to maintain that image up to now. The place looks so romantic and dreamy. It’s like a scene from a romantic movie or a perfect place to go on a honeymoon. There were villas around the area that seemed pretty big but was also quiet. You can have your serenity while enjoying the view of this amazing paradise.

Worth the 50 minutes drive! Good food, fantastic view and a serene place. Will go back here for sure!