A couple of weeks ago during our bbq party, a parent was introduced to us. She went all the way to Lombok from London to see if our school would be a good fit for her kids. It was the perfect opportunity for her to meet and greet the teachers and also ask questions that would help her decide whether they will move here or continue living in London. (She read about our school online and was fascinated by the mission and vision of the school – something that is in line with her vision of what education should be so she decided to fly to Lombok and check the school and the living condition.)

She’s been home schooling her child for about two years (or more I think) because according to her the education system in London is not giving her child the kind of education she wants. She threw in questions that were really interesting – it felt like being in a game show. We tried our best to answer all her questions by heart and I was amazed that I am in a group of teachers who shares the same mind set. I am lucky for this opportunity.

Every teacher has their own philosophy. We all have our own belief on how learning should happen. Joining this group made me realize how lucky I am to be given this opportunity. Imagine super heroes, they have they own super power then they all come together in one group. Sometimes they may end up disagreeing but they all know they have better purpose. They share what they know, what they are good at come up with a plan and next thing you know they are working as one unit – like a well oiled machine.

The night ended with a lot of thought sharing that is worth taking note of. Lucky to be working with these awesome pool of teachers.