So one weekend I had to go to Kuala Lumpur for a weekend “business as usual” matter. Since I just need to meet someone near the airport, they booked me to a hotel near by (more or less 15 minutes away, so it was really convenient location).

They have airport pick up to make it easier, all you have to do is to send them your itinerary so they can wait for you at the airport – I actually did this but I ended up calling the driver because no one was there. So I don’t know if they coordinated or what.

I arrived in the hotel and was attended to by the front desk people. They were all very attentive and on their feet so the transaction went smooth and fast. The hotel has this airplane theme which they carried through their rooms. Personally it kind of weirded me out.

I checked out other rooms while passing by the opened ones and they all looked the same. If you are claustrophobic then you probably won’t like it here. The room has no windows. It has enough leg room for you to walk a bit and put your stuff without feeling so crowded but there’s no window. The room light is on the side that looked like airplane windows. I also got distracted and didn’t get a good sleep because the hall way seemed a bit noisy considering it was late and it kind of felt like someone is trying to open my door so I ended up waking up from time to time.

Even if I had distracted sleep, the bed was nice. It was comfy and big, it’s just really the noise that made it hard. The bathroom was small and compact but it was clean and the water pressure was good. There’s toiletries available plus some coffee and bottled water available in the room and they have buffet breakfast.

It was not so much good experience but it was tolerable enough. Maybe I will consider staying here again and the no windows-airplane inspired window room light will not bother me (hopefully) next time I visit.