I’ve always been asked if I like bakso and I always say no – I tried it twice before when I was in Jakarta and both experiences were not as promising so I crossed out bakso on my list of Indo food that I like. A few days ago that changed.

We were headed back home after toys shopping in Mataram Mall when my coworker asked if I wanted to grab a bite before heading home. Since we haven’t had lunch yet and we will be having some bbq party for dinner she suggested to eat something light – how about some bakso or maybe mie ayam?! I have no preference so I said yeah that any will work for me.

On our drive back home we passed by this bakso place called Bakso Haji Anang. Seemed like a good place so let’s go try it out!

Since my memory of bakso was not that promising, I was a bit hesitant to try it out first. But it looked good plus I am out of Jakarta so it must be better. Turned out it was! I was able to enjoy my bakso. I added a lot of fried garlic and it was the bomb! Would love to eat here again – worth it 20 minutes drive from my place.