I love food and I love different cuisines. One of them is Thai food and I can probably eat Thai food often. It is also one of the main reasons why I wanted to do a backpacking/solo trip in Thailand before, mainly because I want to eat authentic Thai food – and by that I don’t mean Thai food from restaurants but from hawker places or the local food places in the streets. I find that authenticity of food is seen not in posh places but in simple local spots where they learned how to cook those dishes from home and being shared to everyone else. So when I visited Thailand, I tried as much as possible to eat in local places if I wanted to have some good Thai food.

Of course I also tried some restaurants a long the way. I didn’t go on full Thai food during my visit. I also want some variety every now and then. I am going to write first the restaurants, you know to make it look nice. lol!

A Spoon Full of Sugar (Rawai)

IMG_2984One time I was looking for a good breakfast place – I still have some hangover with my fondness of breakfast place in Bali so I checked TripAdvisor for some ideas around the area and saw this place. Read some reviews to see how convincing it is to try that place out. Good thing it was also near where I was staying so I said let’s go get some breakfast.

The place was nicely decorated. Reminded me of a weekend at home lounging by the porch. It was very homey and the ambiance gives off a pleasant feeling. Love how they designed this place!

They mainly have omelette, pancakes and sandwiches on the menu – really ideal breakfast food. We had garden egg white omelette and beef pastrami on wheat bread. The omelette was okay, not too salty and seemed to have a balance taste of cheese, vegetables and the egg. Although I somehow feel that there’s something lacking with the taste but never the less, it was still good. The beef pastrami sandwich was fantastic. I love fresh it taste plus the saltiness of the cheese (was it the cheese or the pastrami) that blended perfectly with everything that was in it. Would definitely order this on my next visit! The price was pretty much what I expected when you eat out. But it was a good breakfast experience.

Portofino Ristorante and Pizzeria (Nai Harn)

You can never go wrong with pizza. It’s love, it’s great and it’s oh my god one of the mostIMG_3011 awesome food ever made. That being said, I have been informed before that nobody makes good pizza like Italians. I have not been to Italy to prove that, nor I don’t know how “authentic” are the Italian pizzas I’ve tried but I know when it’s Italian inspired, you can clearly tell the difference. My apologies in advance that I was not able to take photos of the pizzas we ordered. But hey, I posted a more important photo – the sign from their place with a contact number! So you know, you can order from them, have it delivered or I don’t know. But for sure it’s still useful

We ordered 3 pizzas: Funghi, Volcano and the other one I cannot remember the name. All were good, nobody out bested one another because I tried all of them and I lost count how many slices I had, goodbye diet or maybe the last one that I can’t remember. But rest assured they were all good pizzas and I would love to go back there and try the rest – specifically the one with truffle oil. They all tasted fresh!

Sembra Gelato Cafe (Chalong)

DSC01195My love for gelato… Now this place is a good spot for quality gelato. This one is in Chalong area, very close to Tesco Supermarket (a big one). Like every other gelato places I’ve seen, they have wide selection and it all looks like heaven for me. My personal favorite is their Amarate (It has real alcohol in it..Maybe that’s why I like it lol). One scoop is about 75 baht or $2. That’s $2 of extreme happiness for me.

Anchor Inn Restaurant (Chalong)

IMG_3023Now this place serves both Thai and interantional cuisine but we opted for some Thai food specifically the Penang Curry with chicken. It’s so good I can eat so much like maybe 2 servings of rice?! (they have big portion by the way) They make it really tasty! Plus the serving is pretty big so you can share it with a friend or if you’re up for it then it’s all for you! Delicious curry and worth the money!

German Bakery (Rawai)

This place.. Made me very happy with their croissant – with egg, bacon and cheese! I can eat this everyday. There’s this charming lady who were taking care of our orders. She was pretty entertaining and charming (yes I said that already) with her smile and convincing powers to make me order not just the ordinary croissant. It’s actually a good place for breakfast and maybe some brunch. On my last day, we went here for breakfast and had two orders of croissant. The charming lady called me super woman because I was able to finish it all. Lol! (Lady, there’s bacon. You don’t waste bacon on your food)

Now.. Here comes the none mainstream local good food places I found (or maybe some of them are popular too). Take note: it only costs us about $2-5 and that’s for two already!

IMG_3020This place I don’t know the name, so I figured I’ll just take a photo of the menu cover – seems like the name of the place is written there somewhere. This one is around Nai Harn area. I ordered grilled pork and it seriously reminded me of my mom and dad’s grilled pork recipe! Kinda made me miss home for a bit but at the same time it also made me really happy because it was good food! Serving was a bit big too so you can really get your money’s worth especially the second time we ate here. The fried rice and the grilled pork I ordered looked like it was meant for two people. Talk about generous serving – we ended up bringing home our left over because we couldn’t finish it. (worth about $5)

15665750_10208084865064754_5967452750413534773_nHua Moon Restaurant (Phuket Town)

Next stop is this place from Phuket Town. This was near where I was staying and it was recommended to me by a fellow guest at the hostel I was staying. He said they serve good Thai food with a very cheap price. So the following day, I went there for breakfast. They serve cirspy pork belly! Yeah, I was super excited. When you’ve been living in Indonesia for almost 3 years and pork is not super duper available everywhere, you will also (probably) feel excited to know that Thailand serves pork and that they make good ones! I had a small chat with the cook and he asked me where I was from. When I said I’m from Philippines he immediately said: “I will cook lechon kawali, just wait. This will taste like your lechon kawali.” And you know what? He was right! Thank you for the good food and the chit chat. Amazing people!

Thai Tasty Food (Nai Harn)

IMG_2995Yes, that’s the name of the place and it’s somewhere in Rawai area. I know, it sounds so generic and might be hard for you to find but it’s right across a 7/11 store.. That’s the best land mark I can give you.

This one has a funny story. (for me it is) I was browsing the menu when I saw Chicken with garlic and pepper sauce. I saw this was available for pork, chicken, beef or seafood. And since I wanted to take advantage of the availability of pork I told the lady that I want pork with garlic and pepper. She said porn I said pork, she said porn again and I said pork again. I thought we understood each other until my order came. Pork – porn – PRAWN. That’s what she was trying to say porn means prawn. I still ate it anyway and it was also good. It was just funny and depressing at some point because I was looking forward to eat pork. I gave her the chance to redeem herself and went back there again ordered the same thing and this time I pointed out the work pork on the menu and she understood. All good! (Oh and by the way, their penang curry is also amazing!)

CatFish Cafe (Nai Harn)

Now this one can be considered popular because you can look them up in TripAdvisor. They serve local Thai food and I so love their chicken with cashew! It was incredibly spicy but not the kind of spicy that will burn your tastebuds. Really good food! Both visits were satisfying experience. The guy who attended to us both times was also really amusing. He tries to talk to his guests and make them feel welcomed. Good food with good service, how can you say no to that! Note: They are not always open. I heard that the owner is pretty lazy at times to open and operate. Another note, the Tasty Thai Food place is just a couple of meters away from here. So if in case CatFish is closed, then you can go to the next place I’ve mentioned.


Will be updating this post later on for more food finds. But for now here you go. Thank you TripAdvisor for recommendations.