The first Mexican place in Jakarta that I’ve tried was Hacienda. It was perfectly situated in my so called turf during those days when… Yeah, good times 🙂

Since I am somewhat near this area, whenever I go out to drink with some friends or meet ups it’s either I go here or the Irish pub across it. But this is not only good for drinking. They also serve good food here.

I remember during my first birthday in Jakarta we went here for dinner. My friend was telling everyone at the bar that it was my birthday and during that time their chef (who was from Mexico, he told me during some chit chat) was at the bar and offered us some rounds of tequila shots – for the birthday girl! That was some fun night. 🙂

I’ve recently came back here after some hiatus because life seems to be a routine and I was not liking it with some friends over dinner and drinks – yeah, that seems to be how it is for me, dinner and drinks. And it was nice to know that their food is still good like how I remembered it. The only thing that puts me off with this place is the space. It looks pretty tight and crowded for me because there’s not much space.

The staff were friendly and entertaining and most of all attentive. They made sure to ask us if we want another bottle of beer when they see that it’s almost finished! lol

It may come across as a bit pricey – I’d say for the quality, amount of serving and the food taste, it’s just about right. This is one of those times where I say “you get what you pay for.” But that’s just in my opinion too. Maybe some people who ate here finds this place too pricey and not good and is mainly for expats (I’ve heard some people say that) so it depends on the expectation you have. Whereas for me, I like it here not only for drinks but also for their food 🙂

Note: They have Salsa nights every Wednesday. So if you are in the mood for a night of salsa dancing, this is the place to be! (They also have another one in Pondok Indah Mall – bigger place)

Please check them out in Zomato and Tripadvisor for full menu and other helpful reviews.