My love for food extends to different cuisine like Mexican food. I always enjoy tacos, chili con carne, burrito and more. That’s when Amigos Bar and Cantina comes in mind.

I tried this place twice and both visits were fantastic! I love the chicken tacos, (which I was not able to finish because I was too full already. But trust me it’s good!) nachos and quesadillas.

What I really like about this place is that their food is not too bland tasting. The aroma compliments the taste of the food. Not too salty or overpowering tasty – just the right amount of flavor and spices used. Especially the salsa dip, ah it was just amazing.

The only thing that’s missing is wine. Both visits we asked for the wine list and they said they don’t serve wine there..So I don’t know what they use for their sangria. But they have good Margarita, which I think is a must for a Mexican place.

So if you are craving for some Mexican food, Amigos is a good place! (I heard they also have salsa dancing night, now that sounds FUN!) They have one in Kuningan and in Kemang.