Here’s how I found out about this amazing place:

I was checking some hotels in Agoda in Rawai area and I came across Good 9 at Home. It has 4.5 stars rating under a very reasonable price (around $15) with a good location for like 5 minutes walk to the beach. I read the reviews and was convinced so I hit booked.

I wasn’t expecting anything good. Despite the good reviews and high ratings, what could possibly go wrong?! A whole lot! And good thing it didn’t turn out that way.

We arrived around 1:30 and were immediately ushered to our room – like they were waiting for me the whole time. The room was neatly kept, king sized bed, functioning hot shower, well spaced room with some complementary drinks and snacks. You can make the room dark with the thick blinds. Really perfect because it was bright and sunny outside and not to mention it was freaking humid hot outside so were very happy once we were inside the room. The place is not that big, I don’t really know how many rooms but it’s not a lot. It’s like a bed and breakfast place situated in a quiet area close to the beach.

The bed was really comfy and the linens smelled like a fabric conditioner. I don’t know about you but I love the smell of fresh linens and this one was great!

A couple of hours later the lady at the reception knocked in our room to ask what breakfast we want for the following day. There were 5 choices in the menu and we took steamed chicken and rice. After that we stayed in our room the whole time. We slept the whole afternoon and night time. It was a really good night sleep. The area was very quiet and the room was cool.

IMG_2999Come morning and we went out of the room for breakfast. This really surprised me a lot. I don’t usually expect a whole lot of breakfast especially from budget places but this one is over the top exceptional. Sorry the food on the picture is not complete but here’s what was served to us for breakfast: rice and chicken, soup, two toasted bread, sticky rice, some crackers and a very sweet slice of mango with unlimited coffee and tea. Heavy hearty breakfast! (I saw on the menu that the breakfast costs around 80 baht which is about $2.30. So, that’s what you’ll get for that price). Of course I was not able to eat all of it because I was too full but I was just really surprised with this. So much breakfast served for the price we paid for. So worth the money!

Overall it was a good staycation experience at Good 9 at home. Staff were really friendly especially the lady who assisted us and I really enjoyed the breakfast! She even gave us banana before we left the place. Thank you for the hospitality and good service. Hope to stay here again next time!