Yeah, another Bali weekend escape for me… Birthday weekend escape. Good food, lazy afternoon by the beach and good company – Life is good!

So for this time around, I tried not to go to my usual food places and explore more. (So I have more input for my blog and because there’s a whole lot of good food places in Bali so better try it out!)

As usual, I stayed in Seminyak as I find that place very convenient when it comes to food. So here’s some of the new places I tried:

Just a reminder: I take photos of the food not in an artistic way because my main goal is not to “Instagram” the food. Just to give you an idea of what the food looks like.

Mykonos (Seminyak)

IMG_2916I’ve been passing by this place for a couple of times, wanted to try it out all the time but never did – except now. FINALLY!

I am a big fan of Mediterranean food. So much flavor and aroma… I can probably eat Mediterranean food everyday if possible. Mykonos was just perfect for me. Since it’s been a long while since I had Mediterranean food (doesn’t seem to be that popular in Jakarta) this place made me really happy. The chicken kebab was great especially when you add the garlic mayo sauce on it. Ahh… Really perfect! Will surely visit this place again when I am around Bali. Worth going back to! (I promise to finish my food next time). In terms of price I’d say it was suitable for the quality and amount.

Shelter and Nalu Bowls (Seminyak)

IMG_2918Now this place is my favorite brunch place during our weekend trip. Went back here twice, ordered the same food and had a happy tummy after. Love how tasty the pesto sauce was. It blended perfectly with the grilled tomato and spinach inside the egg white omelette. The serving was also perfect for my appetite – not too big not too small, just enough and filling. Aside from the good food, this place is also aesthetically pleasing (am I right with the term?!) because of the color they used to set up the place. Plus if you are also into smoothies in a bowl, you can order from Nalu Bowls. So it’s like this: Shelter + Nalu Bowls = PERFECT PAIR!

Food price: worth the money and affordable

Atman Kafe (Ubud)

IMG_2914As always, I will try to visit Ubud whenever I am in Bali. Be it just walking around or for food, Ubud is always on my priority to go to. This time my friend recommended we visit this place for a not so heavy breakfast after an hour drive from Seminyak to Ubud. The menu is overwhelming for me. Several pages and I can see something I find interesting every turn. How hard is that! This place serves vegetarian, vegan and non vegan food. It has a nice and cozy atmosphere. Since we just wanted a light snack I ordered naked samosa, my friend ordered something with tempe and bread. The naked samosa was fantastic. It comes with a sweet jam like dip and there’s another one which is like pesto looking but taste different – also really good by the way! My friend ordered the tempe with toasts and it was also great. Everything seemed great! Another place I want to visit so I can try other food.

Spice Mantraa (Kuta)


On my last night, we tried this Indian place in Kuta. I love Indian food every now and then and this place was the closest and most convenient at the mom

ent so we tried it out. While waiting for our order we were given some chips with that pesto looking dip again. I swear it’s really good. I should learn how to make on my own! I forgot the name of my order (sounded like chicken korma or something) but it looked like chicken curry only with a different taste. It has some yogurt and cheese in it and a bit sweet. Ate it together with basmati rice and I was a happy kid afterwards.

Woobar and Potato Head

IMG_2965Now if you are looking for a good spot to watch sun set, enjoy lounging in sofa and feeling a bit posh, then you better head to Woobar or Potato Head. They are pretty much the same in my opinion. Although in Potato Head, you can actually enjoy beers and other booze while taking a dip in the pool and enjoying the sun before it goes down. While in Woobar, the pool is pretty much covered before the sun set – probably because of the building. Both places are good for sun set watching, but gets empty once the show is over.. So if you want to stay longer and enjoy the place, stay a bit longer after sun set and it will be less crowded afterwards.

Overall, it was a good weekend. Good birthday weekend! Good food, good company, great place – what more can I ask for. Buena vida!

Note: If you are looking for a good chill live music while enjoying good quality food especially on weekends, please visit Biku Bali . – yes been here a lot so I keep recommending this place.

For more info about the places I’ve mentioned above, please check them out in TripAdvisor or Zomato