Born and raised in Manila, had an impulsive feeling to leave and work abroad, lived in Jakarta for 3 years, 28 years of city life and I think I need a break.

Earlier this year I had an unexpected offer to work outside Jakarta – specifically in an island and I said yes without any hesitation.

To be honest, I had no intentions of working longer here in Indonesia. Living in Jakarta is not something I actually appreciate. I find this city too chaotic in most days. It’s almost the same like Manila. Both cities have plus and minus points for me, and I was getting tired of living here. I was already applying in other countries and had skype interviews from time to time. So when this school contacted me and we started to exchange ideas, somehow I started to think about it.

I’m a city girl since birth and as I grow older and see the world I just knew that this is not something I want for the rest of my life. Of course there are perks when you live in a big city. All the access you can get from shopping, supplies, parties, good dining places and more are just with in reach. I just happen to outgrow that part of privilege I guess.

I took the job offer because it was another challenge for me. It’s not just living in a province but living in an island. That’s a big step. I remember meeting the wife of my future boss when I visited the place. She said, without a doubt that I am 100% city girl from my looks and was a bit worried and amused that I will move there.

Three years in Jakarta thought me a lot, as in a whole lot! I will always be thankful with the experiences especially the people I met who helped me stay sane. There are things I will miss here for sure. My apartment for the most part, the place I considered my home for 2.5 years. It was my first time to actually live on my own (as in literally alone in a house doing everything.) So much good/bad memories that I will always remember. No more walking around a small space naked, weekend music that every other unit in the same floor can hear – living in a building no more.

Now I’m ready to take another challenge, I’m a bit scared and excited at the same time. Well, excited for the most part because the place gives me good feeling. I will be moving to Lombok towards the end of this month. Yes, Lombok. I am moving to Lombok. Most people think it’s weird that I will move there. Some would even ask me “Are there people there?!” YES. There is a community there, there are people there who live in houses, drive around town using cars or motorbikes – civilization exist there and nope it’s not just a holiday destination. Although for me it would feel like I am always on a holiday once I move there and I just need to work because I can and I’m a responsible grown up.

Thank you Jakarta for the roller coaster experience love and hate experience. Now it’s time for me to have a break from you. 🙂

P.S. I will still visit Jakarta. Because you know, friends 🙂