As much as I enjoy or anticipate having a break from school (yes, breaks are amazing and I always look forward to it!) it also makes me feel sad because people are leaving and moving out. This year in particular gave me mixed emotions because I will also be leaving.. After 3 years here, it might not be a lot for some but this is my first school when I decided to move here in Indonesia 3 years ago.. So yeah, it’s something for me.

A few days ago we had our graduation. As a tradition, Kindergarten 1 children were presented on stage. I have been teaching Kindergarten 1 for 3 years here and that was the last time I will be standing there on stage doing that short presentation. 

When we were about to take a bow, it finally sinked in my head that for the next school year I will not be part of this school’s celebration night and I will not see these children graduate. I felt sad. So that moment, after I presented my class I felt sad and proud and anxious and happy.. Mixed emotions all over me and it is kind of overwhelming. I suddenly remembered the funny moments I had with these children, our silly conversation that make sense sometimes.

End of school always give us teachers mixed emotions. We are happy that we will have some time away from everything that is work related, (although at some point we end up doing something similar along the way during our break) time away from challenging children, time away from demanding parents, time away from report deadlines… TIME AWAY FROM EVERYTHING.

HOWEVER, even if we need some time off from everything we also miss everything that comes with our job. Be it rowdy children or helicopter moms, we miss the daily routine we have to do the whole day.

This school year was totally something for me. Not new but something I can’t seem to describe very well or rather I can’t find the right words to describe it. Challenging – but that’s always what to expect every year. Although this school year, the challenge was not only about the children but also with the parents. So for the last day of school my class was not complete. Some already had an early holiday that’s why we decided to have 2 parties in the class. Both were fun and a bit sad on my opinion.

For the last stretch of last week, I was barely inside the room because I was meeting parents – end of term parent chat to discuss the progress of their child’s progress throughout the year. They all said “I heard you’re leaving” and everytime I hear that it anxiety somehow builds up inside me. I feel anxious and excited, endings and beginnings always gives me jitters. P.S. I was really moved by their birthday surprise. My mind was basically focussing on accomplishing all my parent chat. When I came back in the room I saw some parents with a cake. Thank you very much!

There are things that I will miss and there are things that I won’t. I am happy and sad to leave. Like every ending, there’s new beginning waiting to happen.

Thank you everyone in JGCH for making my 3 years exciting and for being my immediate family here in Jakarta. We are indeed dramatically different school of thought.

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