I am not a big fan of ramen, I can eat it but it’s not like a 100% satisfaction for me whenever I do… Except when I get to dine in Marutama Ramen. It’s always a good experience. Good, filling and satisfied experience.

The noodles are good, like it’s freshly made and the texture is also okay. They serve their ramen in cIMG_2625-2hicken or pork (yes, you read that right! pork!) or with shrimp too. My usual order is the tamago ramen and just put some add ons. Don’t forget their gyoza too! As a gyoza lover, this is one of my favorite place in Jakarta for gyoza. So it’s my standard order: tamago ramen with pork, sometimes add on for egg and one plate of gyoza. PERFECT!

The price starts at around 65,000 idr for one big bowl of ramen. Is it worth the price? Yes definitely! The taste and amount of serving does not disappoint. So if you are into ramen, I would recommend visiting Marutama Ramen in Plaza Senayan and try it out. You can also check out Zomato for the menu and price list for your reference. Itadakimasu!