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May 2017

Bali.. Again?! Why not?!

Bali for the nth time. Yes it is overrated, yes I've been here several times already and yes I don't really mind. Why?! When you live in Jakarta, you will want to escape this place as much as you can... Continue Reading →

What did you learn today? – Asking appropriate questions to children

"Ysa, I asked my son what he did in school this morning and he said he just played. Every time I ask him he will just say he played in school or sometimes he would say I don't know. How... Continue Reading →

Ciknik Roast Chicken – My new favorite place!

The struggle err… adjustment, I mean

Friend:¬†Hey! I saw you post some photos.. So did you finally bring your camera to Indonesia?" Me: Nope. I actually bought a new one.... Friend: Oh wow! That's cool! What did you get? Still Nikon? Me: Uhh.. I bought Sony,... Continue Reading →

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