Living in Jakarta or in Indonesia in general, there are only places where pork is “acceptable.” With respect to the religion and culture of the place, they observe the halal practice. I am totally okay with it, but of course I still miss eating pork. Or not really, unless it’s bacon. Yes, bacon is always love for me. It’s one of the breakfast food that I can eat at any given time of the day.

A friend of mine once told me about this place called Baconerie in Jalan Benda, Kemang. Regardless of the distance from my place I MUST visit this place. So one time we met there for some brunch. 

It’s easy to see since it’s just at the corner of Jalan Benda, PERFECT! It’s a small place with 2 floors, simple but nicely decorated. As soon as you enter you are welcomed by their muffins and other dessert goodies.

As soon as I sit down I browsed the menu and picked my order. Breakfast food at any time of the day… I LOVE IT! The serving was in a hearty amount too. There’s strips of bacon, sausages, salad, bread, egg and mushroom – BIG BREAKFAST! (Sorry, I don’t have a copy of the photo of my food but you can check it in my Zomato review.)

You might think it’s pricey but that’s what to expect when you order pork here. However, for the serving and quality I’d say it’s just right amount – not really that mahal. I mean, I was expecting it to be more to be honest.

It was worth the trip (being stuck in traffic for 30 minutes) even if I live in west and this is in south. So if you are looking for a good brunch place or an all day breakfast place, or if you simply LOVE BACON – Baconerie won’t let you down!

*Please check out their full menu on Zomato.