I always enjoy Indian food, maybe not all Indian dishes but some of them. They’re just so tasty and aromatic – all those spices and herbs! And to tell you honestly, I was not a fan of curry when I was young. But I guess my taste in food started to adapt and change, eventually love curry. Whether it’s Japanese, Thai or Indian curry, I love them all.

I discovered this place called Go! Curry from a friend one afternoon in Pacific Place SCBD and I was hooked for a while because I enjoyed the chicken biryani – it might be too common for some but it’s not everyday I eat that. Plus I do really like chicken birayni, so why the hell not?!

You can choose whether you want a bigger portion or just the small one depending on your appetite. I remember even asking if they can add some cheese to it and my wish was granted, what a happy child I was.

Their menu is mainly of different kinds of curry (obviously, with the name how can you not guess?!) and with a selection of rice, bread and level of spice-ness (is that even a word?!) Ate here several times and sadly I don’t have photos but I can recommend the biryani rice and the cheese nan! Especially the cheese nan, it’s just so dreamy! As a cheese lover myself, this was perrrfect!

So the next time you are in the mood for some Indian curry, you better put Go! Curry in mind. Worth the visit!

*For the complete list of their menu and prices please visit Zomato.