I’ve been meaning to try ayam taliwang during my first visit but we always end up eating something else. So on my very short weekend escape I told myself I WILL TRY AYAM TALIWANG!

IMG_2506I thought at first it will be a big one (selling for 45,000/$3.30) but to my surprise it’s not. One whole chicken – but a small version of whole chicken. Crispy but still tender. It comes with peanut sauce, one spicy and one plain. Both were good in my opinion! Although the chicken was a bit small and not enough on it, it was still good. The sauce compliments the flavouring they used to marinate the chicken.

So that means, on my next visit to Lombok, my goal is to try as many ayam taliwang as possible and find the best place for it! Let the search for a good ayam taliwang begin!