I don’t care if it’s just a weekend trip, WE’RE (I AM) GOING TO THE BEACH!

Yep, that’s basically how my weekend was. Took the first flight going to Lombok on a Saturday morning then head back to Jakarta Sunday afternoon – Traveloka you are a bad influence! (I had to go back early because I have some work stuff to attend to but hey! It’s okay! Oh and by the way, I really liked Halim Airport. Not so crowded. AWESOME!)

Quick weekend get aways are always fun for me even if it will leave me very tired afterwards and I have to drag myself back to work on a Mondays. At least it was a weekend well spent – so deal with it.

I decided to go back to Lombok also because I needed to fix some things there for future purposes. The last time I went here, we were catching up with some people in Joje Bungalow and Beach Bar and I had a good time there. So when I decided to go back, I specifically looked for that place in Agoda – happy hour for cocktails by the beach, you can never go wrong with that!

First of all, I would like to clarify that what I write in my posts is based on my own opinion and experience from the places I go to and I am not paid to do this. I basically just want to share information and insights. We all have different expectations but we should try to be positive and show respect at all times.

I landed earlier than what I was expecting, like 30 minutes early (I think) than the usual schedule. But since I know that I will be landing early I already made prior arrangement for early check in. Reached the hotel around 10am, was greeted by one of the staff, had a banana milkshake welcome drink which was really great by the way, prepared the room and that’s it – hello staycation! (I will be posting the link for photos of the place, please check it out at the end of the post or just click here)

My room was simple, clean and spacious especially for the bathroom. I feel like walking to a secret garden with some very chill room when I entered the place. They have complimentary breakfast which was really hearty. I normally don’t expect much when it comes to complimentary breakfast but this one took me by surprise. There were several rooms and a cozy small pool where you can lounge and just relax. If you want a bigger pool then go to the beach since it’s only a couple of steps. I was assisted by Mas Ari when I arrived, he was very polite and funny. Really helpful too! (He even showed me the owner of the place, a very sweet charming lady.)

Aside from the happy hour cocktail rate, I also like watching sun set here. It’s pretty much very chill. Beer on the beach while sitting on a bean bag, watching the sun set while listening to the waves -bonus points if you are in good company as well. So you are basically hitting two birds in one stone when you stay here. You get to stay in one of their bungalow room then if you want some beach front bar/resto then all you need to do is walk a couple of meters and you are there. Life is good in deed. Buena vida 🙂

I met several people during that night, I was being introduced to everyone because I was new. I’d say they were all interesting individuals especially this couple I met (Brownie and Eksa) who were really funny to talk to. We basically talked about random stuff that turned into something funny then serious then funny. Well spent night with good crown.

Since I had to leave early the following day (travel time from Senggigi to airport is about an hour and a couple of minutes. No traffic at all so you don’t need to stress yourself) and I made mention to them that I will check out early, the moment they saw me went out of the room they immediately told me to have some breakfast first before leaving. They were not even the staff I saw when I arrived. Sweet! Even offered if I want to have my breakfast in my room. Very thoughtful in my opinion. They made me feel taken care of even if I was only staying for a night. And as I was checking out, the owner of the place personally approached me at the entrance and said “Thank you Karissa for coming, have a safe flight.” That was comforting for me. Thank you too!

So overall, my goal for staying in this place was achieved. I liked my room, good service, helpful staff, good food, good location with good price, the beach bar was fantastic and the pizza was awesome too! Happy customer here! Until my next visit 🙂

(If you want to know more about this place and read some reviews for reference, please visit TripAdvisor)