Ubud, a place that gives me serenity. Some people I know would say that Ubud is no longer Ubud because it is now so crowded and western cafes are everywhere. I don’t know what Ubud looked like before, but I think despite being a popular place and crowded this place still gives off a peaceful vibe. The fact that I can walk around (i love walking around new cities, perfect way to explore) this place and see/experience the culture says so much.

One of my favorite place to stop by and explore is the Ubud market. There are so many things to see from clothes to arts and the people that goes there. I normally try to avoid crowded places because I can’t seem to stand it (getting old, too much crowd makes me feel tired or stressed) but this place is in my list of “crowded place I can tolerate.”

We visited Goa Gajah Temple. It was serene and beautiful. I tell you, mot temples here looks the same so don’t get your hopes up that you will see different things. It’s a matter of perspective and how you actually appreciate the places you go to, for this matter – the temple you go too. Just like other temples in Bali, we were required to wear sarong to cover up as part of their practice and to show respect. The entrance fee is different for local and tourist. Tip: if you are working in Indonesia and visiting places, always bring your kitas or kitap card with you. Since the entrance fee for locals and tourist are priced differently, your kitas/kitap id will give you the privilege to get the local prize. So, hooray for the discount!

If you want to go to Ubud via public transportation, you can check out Kura Kura bus  for the daily schedule and the drop off points. Tried this transportation before and it was convenient.

Here are some pictures of Bali – mainly in Ubud market: