Aside form enjoying lazy afternoons by the beach with a bottle of crisp white wine or a walk around Ubud, another thing I look forward to when I visit Bali is FOOD. As I’ve mentioned before, I appreciate Indonesian food better when I am outside Jakarta and Bali offers a lot of good food places!

What I like about restaurants here is that they all have their own unique “vibe.” Each place I visit feels like a whole different world. You can say they are all “instagramable” (hello millennial word, I so hate hearing/using that) because they simply are.

Since I only have 3 days to show my cousin around we didn’t eat so much during the whole day because we are busy visiting places and being a tourist but I made sure I brought her to some of my favorite food places.

Revolver Esperesso

IMG_2281One of my favorite breakfast/brunch place located in Seminyak. Ordered the God Father Burger and as usual, I can only finish the half of it so this time I asked my cousin if we can share instead – good team work! The burger is stuffed and prepared well. The bottom part is a thick slice of hash brown…so you know, carbs all the way! (Check their full menu and food price on Zomato) Since the food is non halal, expect it to be pricey because that’s how it usually is here. Although I can say this one is not that expensive. Since the quality and portion size of serving was really great.



Located in Petitenget Seminyak, this place serves good cakes and pastries. If you are in love with carrot cake like I do, don’t forget to put Biku in your list of places to visit in Bali. They also serve Indonesian and western food. I like how this place is set up. Gives me a feeling of home because of the furniture and the things you see around. They will even give you a small stool where you can place your bag so you don’t have to worry letting it sit on your lap or behind you while you eat. A good place to eat at anytime of the day.

Ibu Oka Babi Guling

My first time to try this place and it was superb! Thanks to our driver’s recommendation, we discovered a good babi guling place in Ubud. Don’t get me wrong, even the babi guliIMG_2241ng in warung places are also good and more affordable. I just really enjoyed the experience here. We enjoyed it enough that we went back here the second time. They only have limited menu and it’s all about pork cooked in different ways. Since we cannot decide, we ordered babi guling komplit so we can try everything. I like them all, I LOVE THEM ALL, and it was the best 70,000 I spent that day.



It was a more or less 15 minutes walk from where we were staying and since I haven’t been here (although I heard about this place) we went here after dinner to check out the place. It was pretty easy to tell that we were almost near the place as I can hear Mexican music being played. The place was a bit crowded and lively. There were people dancing on the table – you can clearly see they are already drunk. It was a funky, colorful and fun place. Especially if you are in the mood for some latin music and dancing, then you better head to Mexicola. I can already imagine doing Salsa nights here, fun! Sadly I wasn’t in a latin party vibe that night but it was still great.

Seminyak is always my go to place whenever I visit Bali if I am looking for easy access to good and food and parties. Can’t wait to go back here and explore more!

For more information and other insights about the places I’ve mentioned above, you can check them out in TripAdvisor or Zomato.