I learned about this place from my coworker and I couldn’t be any happier after that.

Ciknik Roast Chicken in Dharmawangsa, serves heavenly baked meals that are very tasty and aromatic! My personal favorite: Swedish hash and the chicken and mushroom. ALWAYS worth it everytime I order through Gojek or when I visit them in Dharmawangsa Square. (Try checking out their place, it gives off a simple relaxing vibe)

The rice meal is about 40-50,000 idr in a generous amount of serving of goodness. You can also order a whole chicken or a half portion for 70-110,000 if I’m not mistaken.

What I like about this place is the consistency of the food taste. Everytime I order here especially through delivery, the food still taste like when you actually dine in. Especially if you are a rosemary spice lover, this place is heaven! Very tasty and aromatic! So if you are looking for some quality food, check out Ciknik Roast Chicken – See their full menu in Zomato.