For a month or two, OJJU has been a craze in Gandaria City. Whenever we pass by this area, this place is always packed and there’s a long cue outside. So, we tried it out one time to see what makes this place popular.

IMG_2181OJJU is a Korean restaurant that became a sort of talk of the town because of their chicken covered in melted mozzarella. Sounds good?! For a cheese lover, YES! They will melt the mozzarella and then wrap it around your chicken/beef and then let the feast begin. While waiting, they will give you a small platter of some kimchi, salad and other Korean side dish. We were lucky that time when we decided to try this place out because there was no cue at all and the place was not crowded.

We waited for about 15 minutes while they were preparing the chicken and they started to melt the mozzarella. When it was ready, they started mixing and cutting and wrapping the chicken with the melted mozzarella. The chicken alone was already tasty, like it was cooked using barbecue sauce, so the cheese mixed with chopped jalapeño made it salty and spicy.

So how was experience? I’d say it was good but not the kind of good that would make me want to eat here often or regularly. It was good enough don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t something I find spectacular I guess. Also if you plan on eating here alone and trying out their best seller (which is the mozzarella thing), you will end up having a take away because it’s not meant for one person.. unless you really have a big appetite then by all means go on. We ordered chicken drumstick (5 pcs) and it was too much for me and my friend, mostly because the cheese also made us feel full after several bites. But in all fairness, the chicken was meaty enough so that was a plus point for them. With regards to the price, after seeing the serving I’d say it was well priced, value for money.

If you are a cheese lover, go check this out!