During the weekend we went to Lembang for a short city break. We were planning to take the train to and fro but because of the long weekend we were only able to book the train going there. Lucky us, we didn’t get stuck in traffic on our way back.

The train ride was actually nice. Bought economy ticket (80000 idr = $6) and was expecting for the worse but we were very surprised when we boarded. it was really nice! Although there were a lot of people and smaller space (like in a bus) but it was actually  good. Clean and well maintained. Plus plus points!

The train ride lasted for 3 hours and 30 minutes with 2 stops (or 3?!) if I remember it correctly. I was hoping for a good view as I’ve heard before that taking the train to Bandung will give you spectacular sort of country side view… I just saw one that made me say wow. Still, the train ride was an awesome experience.

As expected, Bandung was busy and traffic was everywhere. From Bandung train station we took a taxi ride going to our hotel in Lembang. The 45 minutes usual travel time turned into 2 hours because of the traffic! Patience… SABAR! (as they say in bahasa)


Spoiler alert: Prepare to read a sort of long post… Everything will be here so bear with me and keep scrolling down till the end.


DSC00115Booked a superior room for a good price through Agoda. I say the experience was good enough. We arrived around 11 am and checked in, was asked to wait while they prepare the room so we decided to grab some late breakfast at their restaurant while waiting. The hotel area was actually big. They even have a small football field and a big swimming pool. The hotel ambiance gave me was actually good. Relaxed and close to nature because it was very quiet despite having the location right in front of the main road. The rooms were big but you can see that it’s a bit old. Actually the whole place looks a bit old. It gave me the impression that the place is already past its heydays. Regardless, it just needs a bit more love and care and I bet it will be like before.

One of the things I’ve learned is that all the rooms have no air conditioning. Yep, you read that right. I was surprised at first and told myself “prepare to have interrupted sleep tonight because it is going to be a warm night.” Lembang actually has cooler climate because it’s high up the mountain. So come night time, my toes were freezing and I had a good sleep under the blankets.

We waited for a loooong while for our food to be ready… Something that I have to keep in mind all the time. Outside the big city, the service is slower and people are DSC00116more relaxed. So if you are already hungry, get ready to feel more hungry before your food pops in front of you. But I can assure you, the food quality is good because they don’t rush things. So this food right here in the photo, it was prepared well. We just had to wait really long. It gave us some time to take some photos around the place.

As I have mentioned earlier, the room was big. When we went back to the front desk to see if the room was ready, they offered to give us a different one because they were not yet done with the room they were suppose to give us. A big room with 2 twin beds and a small sofa. In all fairness to them, they were accommodating enough because we decided to go back to the original room that were suppose to be for us without showing any fuss. Even the maintenance people were kind enough to help us and find a solution to our simple requests. (Yes I know that is suppose to be expected otherwise they will have bad reputation when it comes to service, but they are just really genuine and that makes a BIG difference.)

The hotel is actually situated in a good location, near to popular places. So if you are in the area and is looking for a place to stay, you can put this hotel on your list.


DSC00188PACKED! This place was packed with people! Weekend goers were all over the place. With a 20,000 idr ($1.5) entrance fee, you get a free cup of milk in return so you can try their milk product. I didn’t get to see the whole beauty of this place because it was really crowded. The place is small and elevated. There’s one area where you can feed the sheep and rabbits (you can even pet them a little bit I think with the help of the care takers) and then there’s this hobbit house, some small food places, the colorful tall jeep and the small museum. Note: You can rent a Holland inspired costume and take photos around the place.. But since there’s people everywhere, good luck posing for good photos.


Went here super early so we can line up and avoid the crowd… Gates opened at 8am, by the time we bought our tickets and get inside there were people everywhere already and the lines were getting longer. This place offers a good mountain side vDSC00270iew with greens all over. The air feels fresh and and the breeze was really refreshing. Going to this place however is a bit of a challenge. The road is a bit of an up and down since you need to pass from one hill to another. Tolerable. There were some steep curves, so when it gets congested and you happen to be in the curve part please make sure to hit the hand break. But once you are getting closer, the road starts to get bumpy and smaller. We only tried the sky tree where you can take a picture. Since this is one of the main attraction, people line up and pay 15,000idr ($1) for less than a minute for picture taking. Note: they have a photographer on stand by already. So once you are at the top, he will take some photos and you can see it later on at the exit. You can get the pictures via trasnfer. Each photo will cost 10,000 idr.

As much as we wanted to go around and try other “attraction” they have, especially the tree swing it was just impossible because the lines were sooooo long. Imagine, we waited in line for almost an hour just to take pictures for less than a minute.. So by the time we all had our turn, the lines from other place were doubled or more.


DSC00353This is probably my favorite among the three places we’ve visited. Dropped by here before heading back to Jakarta for lunch. Even if it was crowded, at some point you can see open spaces and you don’t bump into other people walking. There is a big lake in the middle and you can rent a boat or a boat taxi if you feel like  going around and exploring the lake. If in Farmhouse you can rent the Holland costume, here you can experience wearing hanbok or Japanese kimono. There are even areas where you can have a photoshoot! Pretty cute idea if you ask me. On the side of the lake, there you will see the “floating market.” I was actually expecting to see people selling food or other things on their boat in the middle of the lake. But no, they’re just actually on the side of the lake – which is basically accessible for customers.

Overall, I enjoyed our short visit to this place. The food area has a lot of choices and will provide you with a good view while you are enjoying your snacks!

Are you still with me? Almost done I promise 🙂

Hopefully I can visit Lembang again but most definitely not on a weekend or a long weekend. Simply because it’s not advisable. If you want to enjoy Bandung especially Lembang, it is better to visit here during weekdays where everyone is busy with work.

Bandung is a popular quick city escape from Jakarta residents on weekends. So it can get really crowded and traffic. You probably won’t enjoy the popular spots here because it will be swamped! I experienced it first hand – not a big fan of crowded places. Only in some situations do I actually enjoy that kind of environment. Also, if you can, then do take the train! Not just to avoid the traffic but the trains are actually in very good condition.