After leaving Philippines I also left my hobby for picture taking….until lately when I finally decided to buy another camera (after 2 years of convincing myself that I should buy a new one.) But this time I’m not using a dslr (I left my old dslr back in the Philippines and everytime I go home for a holiday I always try to “try” bringing it here but I end up not doing it because you know- heavy.)

Been checking some semi-pro/compact point and shoot camera from Sony and Fuji film and I decided to buy their a5100 model. It is too expensive for a point and shoot and a simple camera but it’s not too pricey for an almost entry level professional camera so I decided to buy it. So now, my job is to study how to use it and be familiar with how Sony camera works. Trying to maximize the functions rather than relying in automatic function is an interesting challenge for me considering I was used to manually fixing the settings back when I was still using my D60 camera. So, hello compact camera!

And while I’d be taking pictures from time to time, I will be posting most of it in my google+ account and just linking it here. Hopefully that works!

By the way, his name is Cameron and we did some practice with natural lighting earlier. And here’s what it looked like, just click the link below 🙂