I was sitting in the corner while my children are having their Mandarin class. Our Mandarin teacher is not that good in english so sometimes he use google translate to help him explain it further (in english, when the children cannot understand the word in Mandarin) or he would show me a photo so I can give the english word for it. I can see that he was struggling until somebody said….

K1: Google it!

K2: Yes, Google it!

K1: You use Google to know everything…. Google is so smart!

Usually, that is something I hear from adults. I even say that too, but never in the class so I was really surprised when I heard that. Until another children said, “my mommy use google when doesn’t know.” – So that’s how they learned about the use of Google.

Always keep in mind Ysa, you are teaching 4 year olds.. And sometimes they talk like adults. So don’t be surprised anymore.